Wow.  Can you believe this?

Those who don't monetize,



We at Prude Nudist like plenty of room. So we are partnering with renowned advertising algorithm start-up Blotherington Ad Corp to bring you the most hardhitting, action-packed online ads you have ever seen!  




The Blotherington Ad Corp algorithm (an industry secret) is the bleeding edge of data collection technology, carefully white-glove mining data from all the latest devices from all over the world!  


The proud partnership of Prude Nudist and Blotherington Ad Corp dedicates itself to stamping your mind with top-of-the-line advertisements from your all-time favorite companies like Spunker, Splooger, and Suckler!  


 spunker     splooger      suckler


 What it means.
For you.
We bet you’re tired of sorting through page after page of wet newspaper to find slick deals, and we bet you’re even MORE tired of finding slick deals on slick deal sites like  
That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you to shop online while you consume endless streams of today’s most excitingly-banal content.
What does this word even mean?
We’ve inundated with ads all over our homescreen, and designed their appearance to mimick our more popular articles so that they are easy-to-click!  This means no longer must you concentrate while sifting through piles of overwhelming hyperlinks. Rather, our advertisements are sifting through piles of shopper profiles to find you!


Time is money...
...that can be spent.
Because this top-of-the-line technology allows us to put our ads right next to our algorithmically-produced visual content, you can go from mindless viewer to mindless consumer in seconds!  That’s right--you no longer have to switch tabs to access your shopping sites. You can do it all from here! Think of all the time you’ll save by doing your online shopping while browsing’ll finally have time to throw all that wet newspaper into a garbage can!



What now?


Enjoy the new upgraded Prude Nudist website by clicking around and make sure you have a credit card handy!  The more you buy, the more you enjoy!









All pics shot using 8MP iSight Focus Pixels camera (gold version), and latest iOS 8.1.1 InstaG application Filter software.



 “Pocket 1.”  8/1/14. Filter: Valencia


“Pocket 2.” 8/16/14. Filter: Lo-Fi


 "Pocket 3.” 9/19/14. Filter: Kelvin


 “Pocket 4. 9/28/14. Filter: Toaster


 “Pocket 5.” 10/14/14. Filter: X-Pro II


 “Pocket 6.” 10/28/14. Really like this one. Filter: No Filter.


 "Pocket 7.” 11/1/14. Filter: Inkwell


 “Pocket 8.” 11/10/14. Filter: Rise (my personal fav)


 “Pocket 9.” 11/20/14. Filter: Rise


 “Pocket 10.” Thanksgiving 2014. Filter: Valencia

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- JB, prof. photog.